Each of us is travelling our own special path. When all of our paths are woven together, a beautiful rich tapestry is created known as life.”

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

T1 Rise Empowers Humanity to Raise Its Frequency

Created by during the 2020 pandemic, T1 Rise’s mission is to inspire individuals to rise up from the challenges of 3D living into glorious 5D living while assisting Humanity to heal and harmonize as a cohesive, collective unit.

Click the buttons below, and check out T1 Rise’s super-brand of risings, along with inspiring merchandise. Every item created by T1 Rise is dedicated to assisting Humanity in raising its quantum frequency, ONE TONE AT A TIME.



Be Forgiving



The Nonas

Pet Souls


Check Out Karis’ Book Series, Escape the Swamp

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