Like her brothers, Buck and Nino, Zoie’s story began a little closer to home, as she also came from the animal shelter in Chipley, Florida. When Nikki saw Zoie’s photo posted on the shelter’s Facebook page in July 2011, she knew she had to adopt her, as there was simply something about her sweet, endearing face. Plus, Nikki couldn‘t stand the thought of Zoie being all alone at the shelter at just three months old.

“Zoie” means life, and Zoie definitely lives up to her name. As the most spirited dog in the pack, Zoie is a joyful, loving soul who lights up the room. She’s also the fastest dog of the pack, who keeps not only Nikki on her toes, but the rest of the pack as well.

Zoie is the smallest dog of Nikki’s extended doggie family, but that doesn’t stop her. Zoie seems to have what Nikki calls “size distortion disorder,” which makes her think she’s the biggest dog in the pack despite the fact some of her brothers and sisters are twice her weight. Nevertheless, Zoie still likes to act like a baby sometimes, lying in Nikki’s arms and looking up at her with her soulful eyes. One of her favorite things to do is to lick her big brother, Picasso, relentlessly in the face; Picasso takes her “annoying” habit in stride. Like all of her dogs, Nikki feels blessed to have little Zoie as part of my heart and home and can’t imagine a day without her lively spirit filling the room.