Like Buck, Nino also came from the animal shelter in Chipley, Florida. When Nikki first saw Nino’s photo on the shelter’s Facebook page, she knew he wasn’t going to find an adopter or rescue very easily, as his size, breed, and tough- guy looks were all strikes against him. Given that Nino most likely faced being euthanized, Nikki trusted her instincts and adopted him, making him number nine of her pack.

When Nino first arrived at Nikki’s home in March 2012, he was timid and showed heartbreaking signs of abuse: when someone would approach him, he would cower on the ground and urinate out of fear. After realizing he was in a safe place and no longer had anything to fear, however, Nino began to flourish and thrive.

Today, Nino is an outgoing, energetic dog who loves to cuddle on the couch and give huge wet kisses. He is a testament to the old saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Despite his tough guy looks, he’s a kind, loving soul who just needed someone to give him a chance.