Bambi’s journey to her forever home began in June 2012, when she was rescued, along with her son, Snoopy, and daughter, Lucy, by Max Mensur Kahrimanovic from the outskirts of Turkey. When Max found Bambi and her pups, she was fairly young herself, estimated to be about one and a half years old.

At the time, it seemed like an impossibility to get Bambi and her pups to safety; however, when Max first shared Bambi’s photo on Facebook, one of his friends commented, “Nothing is impossible.” When Nikki read these words, she knew she was destined to help coordinate this challenging rescue, as her father always used to say that, in life, “nothing is impossible.”

Somehow, despite logistical challenges, Bambi, Snoopy, and Lucy were brought to safety and driven to Didim, Turkey, where Nikki boarded them with a wonderful woman, T.C. Gilly Foreman, who cared for them until they departed for the States in October 2013. When Bambi arrived at Nikki’s home, it was love at first sight. Nikki felt like Bambi and her pups had been with her forever. Bambi immediately bonded with Nikki, giving lavish kisses, as though thanking Nikki for saving her and her pups.

Bambi is a sweet, loving dog who is appreciative of her safe, comfortable forever home. She and her children now live the kind of life every dog deserves to live: one in which they feel safe, loved, and appreciated for the unique souls that they are.