Well-Being InsFURations

Nourish yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally. When you’re content and at peace with yourself, everyone in your life—including you—benefits as a result.

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

Well-Being Messages Empowering You to Find Comfort

My well-being messages will provide you with a sense of comfort and solace when you are experiencing difficult and challenging times in your life. They will also help you deal with any fear you may be experiencing, helping you to recognize that fear is simply an illusion created in your mind.

So often in life, you experience struggles that unsettle you, conflicts which fill you with anxiety, or relationships which cause you ill-health or pain. You become stymied or stuck in the past, allowing whatever negative situations you have experienced to get the best of you. You allow fear to permeate your every way of thinking, feeling, and being, not realizing the detrimental effect it is having on your well-being.

I know that for many years, I allowed fear of one sort of another to overtake me. I became so concerned or consumed that a particular situation was going to have a negative outcome that I actually made myself sick just thinking about it. I also allowed drama to creep into my relationships not realizing how these relationships were sucking the life blood and energy right out of me.

My well-being messages will help you let go of any fear, anxiety, or drama you may be feeling or experiencing in order to discover a sense of well-being. They encourage you to take time out of your busy day to nourish yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally to be a benefit to yourself and others. The messages also encourage the importance of forgiving yourself and others as the key to happy, healthy living.

To watch a playlist of the videos associated with my well-being messages, visit my official YouTube channel.

Adinkra Symbol for Well-Being

The symbol for Well-Being is based on the Adinkra symbol for “Awurade Baatanfo,” or “God the Mother.” This symbol represents the nurturing, supportive attributes of the feminine.

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