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There’s never a mountain you cannot climb, a valley you cannot endure. Simply believe in yourself and succeed in ways you never thought possible.

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

Success Messages Motivating You to Climb Any Mountain

My success messages will help you find the courage and garner the determination to succeed at whatever you may choose to do in life whether pursuing a life-long, cherished dream or something of a more simplified nature such as trying out a recipe for the very first time.

So often, you place limitations upon yourself believing that something isn’t possible. Before you even put the wheels into motion, you have already convinced yourself that the task at hand can’t be done, thereby creating a negative outcome for yourself.

My success messages will help you break free of any self-doubt or self-limiting thoughts you might have to push forward and create positive realities for yourself. The messages remind you that success is available to everyone, not just the rich, the educated, or a privileged few, helping to build and bolster your self-confidence.

Success is freedom from limitations, believing nothing is impossible, and the sense of satisfaction you feel when accomplishing something you set out to accomplish. The messages that follow encourage you to define success by your own measure and not by the standards set by others. They also remind you that success shouldn’t be defined by monetary means but should instead, be defined by the sense of satisfaction you feel from accomplishing whatever it is you set out to accomplish.

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Adinkra Symbol for Success

The symbol for Success is inspired by Adinkra symbol “Nsaa,” which is a specially woven fabric used as a blanket. The blanket was a status symbol for which some would trade all of their belongings. The symbol stands for wealth, excellence, and treasure. Wealth, like the blanket itself, can be handed down from generation to generation to bring pride to all.

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