Self-Reliance InsFURations

Wake today with conviction to change your life for the better. No one is responsible for bringing about those changes except yourself.

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

Self-Reliance Messages Inspiring Responsibility in Life

My self-reliance messages encourage you to take responsibility for your own life, thoughts, speech, and actions, so that you can be the authentic person you are meant to be. When you stop living by other people’s wants, needs, and expectations of who you should be, you’re able to start living in accordance with your own. You no longer live in the shadow of other people’s dreams but instead, start living in the light of your own.

For many years, I struggled with self-reliance issues, having lost a great deal of self-confidence due to being bullied for many years. Consequently, whenever I made decisions, I often looked to other people for their approval versus relying upon my own God-given instincts. What happened is that many of the decisions I made were not in my best interest, as I was following a path other people wanted me to follow versus blazing my own path through life.

One day, I finally woke up and realized what I had been doing and the negative effects it was having upon my life, both personally and professionally. From that day forward, I vowed to make decisions for myself, utilizing my own life experiences, wisdom, and instincts as a guide. My decision-making skills improved exponentially, and I became a much happier person knowing that I was in total control of my life and destiny. I stopped blaming others for any misfortunes in my life and moved forward in a positive direction.

The self-reliance messages that follow with help you take responsibility for your life as well. They will also help you harness your inner strength, so that you can conquer any challenges that come your way.

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Adinkra Symbol for Self-Reliance

The symbol for Self-Reliance is based upon the Adinkra symbol “Hwe Mu Dua,” meaning “measuring stick.” This symbol represents the importance of striving for your best.

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