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Reclaim your self-esteem! Wherever it may have gone or whoever may have taken it, the simple fact remains—it belongs back with you.

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

Self-Esteem Messages to Empower Your Awesome Self

My self-esteem messages will help you unleash your true self by shedding any tears, fears, or negativity that is keeping it buried deep inside. Self-esteem is all about looking inward and choosing to love yourself with your faults, foibles, and imperfections while not being concerned about what other people may think or say about you.

For years, I suffered with self-esteem issues having been bullied from the time I was in elementary school through high school even up into my professional career. The heartbreaking incidents of bullying I endured caused me not to like or love myself, as I found fault with everything I said and did, even with how I looked.

One day, though, I finally woke up and realized I had allowed the bullies to deplete my most valuable asset: my self-esteem. I had allowed the bullies to dictate how I felt about myself versus learning to stand strong in the light of my own self-love.

From that day forward, I began a journey where I worked at rebuilding my self-esteem from the inside out. I learned to love myself again and forgive myself for all of my shortcomings versus beating myself up for everything little thing I said or did wrong. These days, whenever someone bullies me, I remind myself that the issue lies with the bullies as no one deserves to be treated unkindly or with a lack of respect.

My self-esteem messages will help you rebuild your self-esteem that has been depleted through negative life experiences such as being bullied or verbally or physically abused. They will remind you just how beautiful and extraordinary you truly are as a person, helping you to reclaim what is rightfully yours.

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Adinkra Symbol for Self-Esteem

The Self-Esteem symbol took inspiration from the Adinkra symbol for “Dweninmmen,” or “horns of a ram.” This symbol represents strength and confidence; the ram’s power can be seen in his horns. The ram does not use his strength to rob others of their power unprovoked. The strength of the ram commands peace and self-respect.

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