Positivity InsFURations

Clear your heart, mind, body, and soul of negative people and situations. Once you do, your life will head in a positive direction.

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

Positivity Messages Inspiring the Very Best Outcomes

My positivity messages will inspire you to maintain an optimistic outlook even when you are traveling through one of life’s many dark tunnels. Negativity and pessimism are immobilizing and debilitating forces, preventing you from seeing the bright side or blessing in a situation or from achieving all you’re capable of achieving.

What you may not realize is that your thoughts are incredibly powerful. They affect your behavior and change your reality—for better or for worse.

The great thing is, though, if you think positively, you create a positive reality. You can ensure you are making a positive, uplifting impact in the world by choosing to internalize only positive thoughts, thus creating a positive reality for yourself and others as well.

The positivity messages will encourage you to banish negative thoughts and start creating positive outcomes in your life. They also emphasize the importance of not allowing fear to cloud your thoughts as fear kills dreams, stifles creativity, and strips away invaluable self-esteem.

For many years, I allowed fear and negativity to permeate my thoughts. Whenever I looked at a situation, I imagined the worst-case scenario or allowed fear to creep into the equation versus looking at the situation with the very best outcome in mind. By doing so, I actually created negative outcomes instead of positive realities for myself.

Admittedly, it took me years to break free of negative, self-defeating thoughts and learn to turn my thoughts into positive ones where I believed in myself and my future. I also finally came to realize that fear was simply an illusion created in my mind. The same way I created fear, I learned that I could also be a great magician and make it disappear. These are the valuable life lessons I share with you via the positivity messages that follow.

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Adinkra Symbol for Positivity

The symbol for Positivity is rooted in the Adinkra symbol for “Nsoroma,” or “star.” A symbol of guardianship, the star lights the way in sky and serves as a guiding force. Stars were looked to predict the future and understand the present. This study of the stars became known as astrology. The star represents a touchstone in times of uncertainty.

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