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Behind every heartache, hardship, difficulty, or challenge, there lies a blessing waiting to be found. Seek to discover your blessings!

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

Perception Messages Motivating You to See Reality

My perception messages will help guide you as you learn to push past the ignorance, doubt, and preconceived notions imbedded in your mind which keep you from seeing life for what it really is—and from claiming the power to change it. Oftentimes, people put blinders on, refusing to see and accept the reality of a situation simply because it’s far easier and less painful to see the situation through rose-colored glasses.

One area where this is particularly true is in relationships. Many people want to believe there is nothing wrong with the relationship they are in when all indicators point to the contrary. They maintain a false sense of perception about their relationship for many different reasons.

Sometimes, they fear being alone, if the relationship were to end. Other times, they doubt their ability to make positive change by working to fix the relationship or end it all together. And still other times, they simply don’t believe they are worthy of being in a healthy, loving relationship. Whatever the reason may be, they are not seeing the reality of their given situation.

My perception messages will help free your field of vision from obstacles and impediments to see your life and situations clearly. By doing so, you will then be able to make appropriate changes where needed in order to appreciate the beauty of your reality. My messages will also help you see the hidden blessings behind any heartaches, hardships, difficulties, or challenges you are experiencing.

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Adinkra Symbol for Perception Messages

Stemming from the Adinkra symbol for “Matie Masie,” the implication of the Perception symbol is “What I hear, I keep” or “I understand.” This symbol represents not only understanding but also wisdom and the importance of considering others’ viewpoints.

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