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When love and compassion reign true in your heart, hatred and judgment have no room to rule.

Nikki Karis - the GodDogger

Love Messages Inspiring You to Love Yourself and Others

My love messages will inspire you to embrace and invite more love into your life while discovering the beauty of loving others as well as yourself. No matter how much or how little you have in the way of material possessions, love is all that really matters.

My messages remind you that love should be given freely and open-heartedly, free of wants, needs, expectations, and most of all, judgment. They also remind you of the need for a healthy self-love as the foundation for all other relationships in your life to flourish and grow.

Society consistently promotes the idea that the only way for a person to find love is via a relationship with another person such as a friendship, marriage, or long-term relationship. People desperately seek out relationships with others, often turning to on-line dating sites or settling just to be in a relationship versus focusing on cultivating the most important love of all: the love they have for themselves.

I know that for many years, I sought out a long-term, intimate relationship, believing a relationship could in some way, make me complete and heal me of the emotional pain I suffered from having been bullied. Instead of looking inward and learning to love myself, faults, foibles, imperfections, and all, I looked externally to find the love that was missing within.

After being involved in many less than fulfilling relationships, I finally learned the valuable lesson about cultivating self-love as a means of healing myself. I put myself on dating restriction for several years while I focused on rebuilding my self-love which I am happy to report I have successfully achieved.

While it’s been several years since I’ve been in a relationship, at this point in my life, I never feel lonely as I find great comfort just being with myself. I know that the right relationship will appear at the right time, a relationship that is free of wants, needs, expectations, and conditions.

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Adinkra Symbol for Love

The Adinkra symbol that inspired the symbol for Love is that of “Yentena Nsere,” or “let us live in harmony.” This symbol represents fraternity, belonging, and a feeling of acceptance.

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