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The road to the finish line of life is never straight and easy. It’s filled with the opportunity to enjoy a lot of wonderful scenery along the way.

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

Life Messages Inspiring You to Enjoy the Journey

My life messages center on celebrating and embracing your life for all that it is and loving the journey, rather than focusing solely on a specific destination. They encourage you to accept and enjoy life with all its faults, foibles, and imperfections while recognizing that life is so very precious and short.

It’s often easy to look at your life and wish it was in some way different—that you were living somewhere different, doing something different, or experiencing something different. By failing to focus on the present, however, you fail to appreciate and make the most of every God given moment. You fail to appreciate the blessings present in your life today.

I know that I was guilty of doing this for many years, meaning I always looked forward into the future envisioning what my life might be like if a certain thing happened versus appreciating my life for exactly what it was at a given moment. While there is nothing wrong with having dreams and wanting more for yourself in the future, it’s another thing to be so focused on the future that you miss out on enjoying the beauty of the present. A certain balancing act needs to occur where you learn to live in the NOW while pursuing your most cherished dreams.

My messages will also help guide you in finding your life’s purpose and creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you believe it or not, God put you on this Earth with a very special purpose in mind. Your job is to discover that purpose and to start living and loving your life.

To watch a playlist of the videos associated with my life messages, visit my official YouTube channel.

Adinkra Symbol for Life

Drawn from the Adinkra symbol “Nyame Nti,” meaning “by God’s grace,” the symbol for Life depicts a tree growing strong and tall, reaching for the sun.

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