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At a time when the world has lost its way, be a leader who forges a path of hope and inspiration for others to follow.

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

Inspiration Messages Encouraging You to Uplift Others

My inspiration messages will help uplift and empower you to find the strength and courage to make it through difficult times or to find the wherewithal to pursue your most cherished dreams. My messages reinforce that inspiration is not only something you receive from others, but also something you can give to help others live more enriched and fulfilled lives.

Being kind, speaking well of others, and refraining from judgment are all acts that can inspire others around you. My messages will inspire you to discover your ability to uplift not only yourself, but others as well. They encourage you to be the oxygen that feeds another person’s candle and keeps it burning bright versus snuffing out another person’s candle just to make yourself feel better.

Since I was a young child, I have always dreamed of becoming an inspirational speaker to help others. As far back as I can remember, I was the person friends turned to for help or advice whenever they were undergoing challenges or difficulties in their lives. Whether it was a friend who was struggling in math class and needed help, or a friend who found herself pregnant at a very young age and was too scared to tell her parents, I did my best to help them in whatever way I could.

From these and many more childhood experiences, I witnessed early on the positive effect an inspiring word, helpful hand, or compassionate ear can have on a person’s well-being. These, along with many others, are the valuable life lessons imparted via the messages that follow.

To watch a playlist of the videos associated with my inspiration messages, visit my official YouTube channel.

Adinkra Symbol for Inspiration Messages

The symbol for Inspiration draws from the Adinkra symbol “Sank,” meaning “go and bring it back.” This symbol represents the rediscovery of cultural heritage and pride in one’s roots. It encourages one to find reinforcement of right and wrong and a deeper understanding of good and evil by looking back into one’s own history.

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