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Happiness is available to everyone, not just the rich or a privileged few. Reach for it, embrace it, and make it your very own.

Nikki Karis

Happiness Messages Inspiring You to Create Your Own

My happiness messages will help you get closer to finding your own sense of happiness that can carry you through difficult and challenging times. When you feel happy, no matter what curve-ball life may throw your way, you are ready to tackle it with courage and grace. Contrary to what you may have learned or come to believe via the fairytale stories of your childhood, the movies you may have watched on TV, or from society in general, happiness cannot be bought via material things nor can it be attained from others such as in an intimate relationship or a friendship.

It took me quite a while to learn this valuable life lesson as for years, I sought to find happiness from an intimate relationship versus learning to create happiness from my own inner resources. Like many women, I had bought into the notion that I could not be happy unless I was married with children, a path not resonating with me yet one which I felt compelled to try and follow.

When nothing ever came together for me on the marriage front, well, I felt unhappy, believing somehow my life as a single woman was worth less than that of a married woman with children. Over time, though, I came to realize that I had to follow my own path in life, not one dictated by society or my family, friends, or peers. I learned to be happy on my own, to be complete within myself, versus seeking to find happiness and completeness from others.

A lack of happiness can have an enormous negative impact on your long-term health and well-being. More and more, Western medicine is beginning to recognize the causal relationship between a person’s emotional state and his or her physical well-being. Therefore, it’s vitally important to address any issues in your life which may be causing you unhappiness versus sweeping them under the carpet, hoping they will somehow magically fix themselves.

My messages that follow will help you clear out and overcome any emotional obstacles that stand between you and the happiness that awaits you. They encourage you to take a proactive approach to creating happiness versus sitting back and waiting for happiness to come to you.

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Adinkra Symbol for Happiness

The Adinkra symbol for Happiness is that of “Eban,” or “fence,” a symbol of safety and security, securing the family dwelling from the outside world. Because the fence serves as protection for the family, it also represents the stability one finds in a loving relationship, which in turn brings happiness into one’s life.

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