Compassion InsFURations

The world doesn’t need more self-righteous, judgmental people. It needs more kind, compassionate souls.

Nikki Karis - the GodDogger

Compassion Messages Inspired from My Heart

My compassion messages urge you to open your heart and provide love, care, and compassion to those who are less fortunate than yourself. No matter how different another person’s life may seem from your own, my messages stress that the fate of all humans, even the animals, is intertwined.

My messages also remind you to accept others and situations without judgment, be generous without expectation, and remember what matters most is the love in your heart and how you share it with others.

While it may be easy to look at another person’s situation and judge that person for where they are in life, it takes a compassionate person to try and understand that person’s journey.  A compassionate person remembers that everyone is fighting a battle of one kind or another.

In my opinion, compassion is sorely missing in the world right now which would help to restore peace. There are so many people who are full of hatred and judgment that some days, I’m embarrassed to be part of the human race. Instead of embracing and accepting each other and loving each other, people are labeling and judging each other for all sorts of reasons from gender to race to religion to sexual preference and much more.

My compassion messages encourage you to lay aside your judgment of others and remember that what matters most is what is inside a person’s heart as everything on the exterior is simply window dressing. My messages encourage you to become one of the beautiful people of this world by having a heart that exudes kindness and compassion toward all of God’s creations.

To watch a playlist of my videos associated with my compassion messages, visit my official YouTube channel.

Adinkra Symbol for Compassion

The Compassion symbol is based on the Adinkra symbol for “Funtumfunafu Denkyemfunafu,” or “conjoined crocodile twins.” This symbol represents two living beings joined together in a common fate. Because the bodies of the crocodiles are joined together, their existence is intertwined; their destinies are one. This image stresses the importance of working together as a community. 

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