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You’ll never fulfill your dreams waiting for the perfect opportunity to happen. You’ll only waste precious moments in the process.

Nikki Karis - the GodDogger

Action Messages Inspiring You to Realize Your Dreams

My action messages will help you take charge of your life and find the inspiration you need to start realizing your most cherished dreams. Whether you need guidance in conquering a challenge you face or the motivation to take the first step toward achieving a particular goal, my messages will help get you into the action.

What once seemed like an impossibility or a mere possibility in your life will start to become a most wonderful reality once you apply some action.

So often, you want to pursue a particular dream, but you put it on the back burner, making every excuse under the sun why it can’t be done. You get stuck in a rut where you continue to do the same thing day in and day out, not being completely happy in life, yet not having the courage to take the first step forward toward making changes.

I know that I suffered from this syndrome for many years. Since childhood, I had dreamed of becoming a published author and inspirational speaker; yet, years ticked by until I finally took some action to begin realizing my dreams. It took the loss of the most important in my life, my father, for me to realize just how short and truly precious life really is to us.

Through my action messages, I want to help you avoid wasting days, weeks, months, even years, from pursuing your most cherished dreams. Whether you want to write a book of your own, learn to ballroom dance, make a major career shift, or adopt a child, I want to empower and inspire you to take the first steps toward achieving those dreams.

To watch a playlist of the videos associated with my action messages, visit my official YouTube channel.

Adinkra Symbol for Action

The Action symbol is inspired by the Adinkra symbol meaning “Nkyinkyim,” or “twisting.”  This symbol represents action, initiative, dynamism, and versatility.

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