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There’s nothing more valuable in life than the family, friends, and furry loved ones who fill your heart and home.

Nikki Karis - The GodDogger

Abundance Messages Embracing Life’s Many Blessings

My abundance messages encourage you to acknowledge both the material and non-material abundance you have in your life right now. No matter how much or how little abundance you might have, these messages encourage you to feel a sense of gratitude. In other words, give thanks for the roof over your head, the food on your table, the job you wake to, and anything else you might otherwise take for granted.

When my father passed away in February of 2007, I learned a very valuable lesson about abundance. I learned that abundance doesn’t pertain strictly to material wealth, something I had worked so hard to obtain. Through the years, I had lost sight of what is really important in life—the family, friends, furry loved ones, and colleagues who make life richer.

These days, instead of working hours on end chained to the desk at my law office, I enjoy spending time with the ones I love, including my menagerie of rescue cats and dogs who share my heart and home and make up the non-material abundance in my life. I also take time out to breathe in and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

My abundance messages will help you remember that an excess of material things does not lead to happiness. At the same time, the messages will help you invite more material abundance into your life as there is nothing wrong with material abundance, so long as it is viewed in a healthy, balanced way. My messages also serve as a reminder that the greatest blessing of all is to simply be alive, making the most of and enjoying each and every moment.

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Adinkra Symbol for Abundance

The Adinkra symbol that forms the basis of the Abundance symbol is that of “Bese Saka,” or “sack of cola nuts.” This symbol represents plenty, abundance, and affluence. The cola nut was an essential part of the economy of the people of Ghana. As well as representing individual wealth and abundance, this symbol also stood for the importance of trade in bringing different groups of people together.

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