About the InsFURations

Messages Inspired by My Soul and My Gift to You

My inspiring messages were written by me beginning March of 2009, approximately two years after my father passed away, up until present day. After my father’s passing, I began a journey of awakening where I cleared out toxic people and situations from my life, allowing me room to evolve and grow.

As a huge energetic shift took place within and around me, my crown chakra began to open up, and I started receiving invaluable wisdom from my Higher Self. During this transformative time period, I began receiving inspiring messages from the Universe while discovering my Divine Mission and giving birth to my Escape the Swamp (formerly The Toad Chronicles) series.

People ask me time and time again if I actually think about what I am going to write before penning a message. While it may sound a bit strange, a message will simply pop into my head whether I am feeding my dogs, driving in the car, or whatever else I may be doing.

Some times, a message will appear as a lesson for myself, gently pushing me to seek balance in some area of my life. Other times, a message will serve as a reminder that I am on the right path in my life. Still other times, a message will appear as a lesson for someone else as without fail, whenever I share my message on my social media sites, someone will thank me for the very timely and appropriate piece of inspiration.

The messages that follow are my gift to you, a gift to help you live life to its fullest potential. I know that many of you are experiencing difficulties as these are stressful times we are living through. Having been there myself, I want to share the  wisdom I have gained through the years that has helped me come out the other side of my challenges, a stronger, more inspired person.

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Adinkra Symbols for My Inspiring Messages

The symbols associated with my messages were inspired by the Adinkra symbols of the Akan communities in Ghana, Africa. Adinkra symbols are used by the Akan people as a way of expressing wisdom and serve a similar function as proverbs. Likewise, the symbols used with my messages serve to convey the wisdom I have learned through the years.

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