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A Little About Me & My Inspiring Projects

Greetings, Friends! Thank you for stopping by my official site for a visit.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Nikki Karis, an author, inspirational speaker, and avid animal advocate.

In my unique book series, The Toad Chronicles, Zeni, the main character, has traversed the swamps of life and come out the other side a stronger, more inspired person. Through Zeni and the life lessons she has learned through the years, I deliver a message of hope and inspiration to my readers, so they too can successfully conquer the swamps of life.

Building off of Zeni’s stories as told in The Toad Chronicles, I have created an entire new genre of multimedia, inspirational literature, utilizing a pioneering concept—Zeni, a fictional, avatar character, is also the spokesperson for my inspirational company, Finding Zeni, which is the hub of several inspirational web-sites, all encouraging people to find self-empowerment, self-love, and grace in their lives.

Through inspirational messages, affirmations, and videos posted on my various web and social media sites including Keep Gigging, Be Forgiving, Fairy Tails Do Come True, devoted to rescue animals around the world, and Zeni Says, dedicated to helping people, young and old alike, deal with the devastating issue of bullying, I passionately promote as an inspirational speaker, the concept of self-love as the key to self-empowerment and the acceptance and tolerance of one’s faults, foibles, and imperfections as well as those of others as a way of bringing kindness, love, and compassion to the world.

My future projects include a social network site, We Gig It, where people can share their inspiring stories from the swamps of life. There is one other important, future web-site in the works which shall remain a secret until its date of launching.

Stay tuned for more information on all of my inspiring projects, as an author, inspirational speaker, and animal advocate. Love and blessings, Nikki Karis

More About Me

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Since first beginning work on the first book of my series, The Toad Chronicles, in 2009, I have penned thousands of inspiring messages, affirmations, and other writings as an inspirational speaker and have produced over one thousand inspirational and affirmational videos, all inspired by Zeni, the main character of the series. Zeni’s words of inspiration find their way to my audience through my various web and social media sites including Keep Gigging, Zeni Says, Be Forgiving, Fairy Tails Do Come True, and Finding Zeni, my inspirational company and hub of my inspirational projects.

To learn more about my inspiring projects, click on the icons below, and tune into my official YouTube channel to watch my videos.

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